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I love life coaching. I have always been passionate about personal development and I have worked with it with consciousness and commitment for many years. In this time I have learned to become more self-caring - this has not always been an easy journey, in fact at times it has been very painful and yet necessary. This has taught me that self-care is a fundamental pre-requisite for being in relationship with others and with life itself.


I know that my depth of love for another and for life is directly related to my capacity to love myself. I want to take you on the greatest journey there is...to love yourself for the benefit of all.

About me

"The sessions I have had have given me fresh perspectives, usable skills and  opened new horizons."


With my understanding of the importance of self-care I recognise the particular value it has for those who are parents or wishing to be parents. What better way to take care of your children than knowing you have recognised and worked on your own unmet needs, allowing you to parent from the most loving and resourced place?


I love to work with people who are committed to their own self-caring or who want to know what that means for them.


I am a qualified life coach from the Institute of Human Development and an experienced group facilitator. I am also a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique with more than 25 years experience. I have trained in Solutions Focussed coaching and my background includes working with young people in the social services sector as well as directing Youth Leadership programmes at Embercombe for 7 years.  I have also worked in management development and team-building for a variety of international companies, in countries all over the world.  I am skilled in coaching for stress management and health and well-being in the workplace. I also offer experiential learning for medical students in dealing with grief, anger and breaking bad news and with their communication skills development.






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