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...change and transformation - about the human ability to grow


My intention behind life coaching is to help you move from your current reality and to stimulate movement towards your desired reality. I will help you create and work towards the grandest version of the greatest personal and professional vision you have.


My process of life coaching is to offer you my deepest listening and to engage you in a purposeful and courageous conversation, stimulated by insightful and probing questions. At each session we shall focus on one or more challenges or outcomes. I will help you clear the path towards your greatest potential and see the brilliance that I see in you.


The magic of life coaching occurs when the deep and intuitive relationship between you and I produces the right intervention at the right time - I will help you reach that breakthrough in thinking and being. You can then be exactly where and what you want to be.


If you could do one thing today that would positively impact your life, what would that be? Will you do it?



Coaching is about...

"The sessions with Michael have been an

edifying and enriching experience of

great practical assistance."


I will work with you...

...because you are looking to go to the next level - because you are ready to go outside of your comfort zone and be the best you can be.


As your life coach I will work with you because you are wanting to...


  • connect with your sense of higher purpose so you can say "this is why I am here!"

  • live your life aligned to your most important values

  • achieve your desired goals

  • make authentic and effective choices so that you feel empowered

  • unleash your talents and gifts and achieve your natural potential

  • create new and empowering beliefs

  •  realise the driving passion in you to do what you love the most

  • find a true sense of identity based on an strengthening self image and high self esteem

  • master your natural ability to vision what you dream of being and doing


You will be looking for me to help you in any of these areas....


  • developing greater self-care

  • goal setting/taking smarter actions

  • gaining clarity

  • work/life balance

  • speaking your truth and becoming truly authentic

  • confidence/self-belief

  • personal development

  • motivation

  • sustainable energy levels

  • healthy living

  • emotional and spiritual well-being

  • stress reduction

  • social and communication skills

  • leadership

  • time management