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Our work together will be about...

...change and transformation - about your ability to grow and to understand who you truly are - to connect to your essential spiritual nature and be guided towards your goal.


... helping you see that, like all human beings, you have innate well being and resilience even if it doesn't look like that to you at this moment in time.


...offering you my deepest listening and engaging you in a purposeful and courageous conversation, stimulated by insightful and probing questions. I will help you discover the difference between things that actually need to be dealt with in your world and those that only seem like problems as part of your thought-created realities.

..helping you understand that the way you experience life is entirely a function of your own thoughts, feelings and current levels of awareness and that an understanding of how an experience gets created is more powerful than any method to change or improve what kind of experience you are having.

...helping you see that everyone has access to the same source of wisdom, peace of mind and creativity - the only variable being the degree to which is is individually realised. And that when you are connected to your innate, peaceful, clear state of mind, you'll intuitively know what's in your best interests. You'll see your way forward whatever life goal you have in mind.







"The sessions with Michael have been an

edifying and enriching experience of

great practical assistance."


Michael H Brown

Devon Life Coach

courageous conversations for the soul

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