Michael H Brown

courageous conversations for the soul

Devon Life Coach

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 Are you committed to creating change so you can be the best you can be? 


As your life coach I will help you wake up to your deepest longing and greater purpose to achieve success on your terms. You will finally live the life of your choosing, according to your most important values and in expression of your unique talents and gifts.


I will see you

I will hear you

I will recognise you


I want you to see and know your innate brilliance


I love what I do


My joy comes from

seeing you arrive at your magical, irreversible

'aha' moment

I change lives

I inspire action


Are you willing to step

into a courageous

conversation with me?

IHD Accredited Coach and Facilitator

"Michael's integrity and compassionate respect along with his ability to ask the most important question at the most important moment has had a transformative effect on my life. The outcome was far more than I could have expected by way of a route I hadn't even imagined existed." .