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Michael H Brown

Devon Life Coach




"Having a coaching session with Michael means spending time with someone I truly respect and whose only intention in that moment is to get me closer to living a true, authentic and fulfilled life. During that time I know I will be heard, challenged and taken to a place of deeper knowing in myself, whist feeling safe and met with complete honesty. Every time we meet I find within myself a new sense of purpose and direction and an aliveness that propels me into positive action for myself." Melanie, Embercombe Apprentice

Comments clients have shared about their experience with life coaching...

"You have helped me re-discover a sense of purpose and a sense of truth about myself. I have come to realise that there is a difference between the person I should be, my true self if you like, and the person I have allowed myself to become over the years. 

 Your approach has always been patient, thoughtful and gentle and you are absolutely brilliant at helping me to make little but sometimes profoundly important discoveries about myself. The journey I am on isn’t over but I already have a greater sense of clarity and confidence – and I am becoming free to be the person I truly am, the person I truly want to be.

 My family has been benefiting from the more relaxed and understanding and tolerant and chilled version of myself, so by helping me improve my life you are helping me to improve the life of those that I love." Andy, Managing Director



"My experiences working with Michael have been at times deeply profound, moving, insightful, emotional, exciting and above all, helpful. In the last two years of my life I have taken significant steps towards becoming a true man and stepping into my power. It is no exaggeration for me to say that Michael has played a hugely significant part in my development and self awareness over this time." Stuart, Journeyman at Embercombe



"The sessions with Michael have been an edifying and enriching experience of great practical assistance. A series of questions arrived at through skilful focussing on the matters at hand opened up new possibilities for tackling life and work problems as they arise. Michael’s skill is to apply a deep listening that acts as a stepping-stone to the next phase of working through life and work problems. The process was enhanced by Michael’s knowledge of how mental constraints are embodied.I can highly recommend Michael’s Coaching. The sessions I have had have given me fresh perspectives, usable skills and  opened new horizons." Tony, Artistic Director & Lecturer



"I went to see Michael with the intention of discovering some direction at a time when life felt chaotic and uncertain. Michael's questions went straight to the heart of me having to think about who I was and how I was creating and experiencing my life. I developed an increasing sense of loving enquiry about what nourishes me and a real desire and tools to care for myself in a new way. Michael's integrity and compassionate respect along with his ability to ask the most important question at the most important moment has had a transformative effect on my life. The outcome was far more than I could have expected by way of a route I hadn't even imagined existed."  Mrs M, Social Enterprise Director



"Overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands of caring for a family, I  approached Michael for help with becoming 'a better parent'... Along the journey I also found help in becoming 'a better me'.  This has not been a journey of 'self improvement' per se, rather a journey of 'self acceptance'.  By becoming more loving and accepting of myself, I found within me a well of unconditional love and acceptance from which I can nourish the high demands of my family, without feeling completely empty and depleted myself. It is startling too how much my marriage has also improved as a result. Thank you Michael. I cannot recommend your work more highly."  Katy, Mother & Musician


"I initially contacted Michael as I was struggling to control my emotions and manage my family effectively. My children were suffering as a result and I desperately wanted to be the mother they so deserved. Michael helped me to see that I could only help my children if I first learnt to love and care for myself. He listened to the child within me who so desperately needed to be heard and so the adult in me could step up and take her place as mother. His gentle guidance has helped me to get to where I am now and I want him to know how grateful I am. You saved me and my family." Natasha, Mother- London


"I first spoke with Michael when I was almost a year into being a new parent, a time when I felt the pressures of raising a small child, relationships and the prospect of returning to work. Self doubt was creeping in along with consistent negative thought patterns. Michael helped me to re-frame my mind and focus on what was truly important and offered me some coping strategies which have helped immensely. I instantly felt uplifted and stronger after each conversation. I can honestly say that my relationships with my young son and my husband have become stronger as a result of these sessions. Laura - Mother











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