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Parent coaching 

Do you trust your instincts about what’s right for your children or are you beset by self-doubt when offered ‘well-intentioned’ advice from relatives, friends or Google? And do you, as a consequence, experience anxiety, frustration and self-criticism?

Do you feel overwhelmed and find yourself in a cycle of reacting in a negative or harmful way to your children and then feel guilty that you’ve done so?

Are you struggling to self-care in the context of a busy and demanding family life? The ‘What about me?' voice.


These are common and normal responses to being a parent and as a qualified life coach and Attachment Parenting UK Director I will help you engage more fully, effectively and responsibly in your children’s lives. Through one-to-one professional coaching I will support you to regain and maintain your mental and emotional well-being so that you can maximise your capacity to protect, love and care for your children, and in so doing, you will bring out the best in them which they will demonstrate through their behaviour.

"With Michael's help I found within me a well of unconditional love and acceptance from which I can nourish the high demands of my family,"



My approach is to point you towards the understanding that our children have an internal state of pure mental health and well-being that contains wisdom and common sense allowing them to function in a healthy way, no matter how they are behaving. From this understanding you can help your children tap into their innate health by creating an environment of love, care, respect and lightheartedness. I also help to remind us that when our children act out, they act out of insecurity and we need to help them regain their security.

I emphasize what is right with you, not what is wrong with you. I point you in the direction of the importance of becoming aware of your moods in the moment enabling you, if necessary, to step back and quiet the mind so you will know how to respond appropriately to your child – so that you can listen to your heart.

At the core of my coaching is respect for the child’s experiences and an understanding that they respond well when there is a good feeling in a relationship. I also trust in the child’s ability to see what’s in their best interests and to do what’s best for themselves and others.


Michael H Brown

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